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How To Be A Good Remote Worker

Wochit Postables
Insider reporter, Julie Bort, has been working from home for six years. She has tips for those who may suddenly find themselves doing remote work, due to the stay at home order enforced by coronavirus. Her tips for being successful while working from home include: 1. Start and end work at a specific time each day. 2. Exercise five days a week, at least. She explains "Exercise promotes endorphins, which help combat the blues or feeling sluggish. It increases mental sharpness and makes you better able to handle stress." 3. Realize that you're not a robot. Your productivity will rise and fall, just like it does in an office setting. 4. Volunteer to help at work. Julie adds, "Offer a training session on something you are good at; organize video events...offer to help a coworker who is overwhelmed."