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Breaking Bad Stars' Reunion Movie Tease Is... Just an Ad for Alcohol?

TVLine — Rebecca Iannucci

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul might want to tread lightly through their social media notifications: We have a feeling they just disappointed a whole lotta Breaking Bad fans.

The Emmy-winning actors made a joint announcement on Instagram Tuesday, revealing that they are teaming up to create a new liquor brand, Dos Hombres. But in the days leading up to their announcement, it was speculated that they’d be dropping news about the forthcoming Breaking Bad movie, which is reportedly coming to Netflix and AMC down the road.

Beginning in June, both Cranston and Paul posted a series of photos that seemed connected to Breaking Bad, with cryptic captions like “Soon” and “Even sooner.” But Tuesday’s announcement actually unveiled their forthcoming mezcal, which they began to develop three years ago, “knowing that we couldn’t share the screen for quite a while,” per their Instagram posts.

But despite the actors’ misdirect on social media, it seems there will be a Breaking Bad movie eventually. Paul will reportedly reprise his role as Jesse Pinkman in the follow-up, which will be written and directed by original series creator Vince Gilligan. The as-yet-untitled film went into production in Albuquerque last November. At the time, Cranston confirmed the existence of a Breaking Bad movie on The Dan Patrick Show, but said it was unclear whether the late Walter White would appear in the film.

Given Cranston and Paul’s vague social media posts, it seemed the actors might announce a release date for the film, or perhaps offer some clarity as to Cranston’s involvement in the project — but that remains a mystery for now.

View Cranston’s Instagram announcement below, then tell us: Were you fooled by his and Paul’s social media build-up?

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