World News

Heavy fog causes flight delays, cancellations in…

Thick fog has caused numerous flight delays and cancellations at London Heathrow Airport and other area airports

The Latest: Iran says Syria talks to focus on…

Iran says that preserving a tenuous cease-fire in Syria will be "the most important issue" in talks between the Syrian government and the opposition in Kazakhstan

Anti-Trump protesters gather in London

Reaction from Nigel Farage, Fox News contributor

Chapecoense's rebirth in the face of tragedy

The Chapecoense football club returned to the field for its first match since the devastating 2016 plane crash that claimed the lives of nearly the entire club.

People are Anonymously Tweeting To Trump From…

A new site let's you anonymously tweet to @realDonaldTrump's account by texting or calling for free (929) 267-4959. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story.

Rescuers Find Survivors 2 Days After Avalanche

An avalanche buried the Hotel Rigopiano in central Italy Wednesday.

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Philippine leader tames his words for Miss…

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has delivered a speech without sex jokes and expletives _ telling the gathering of Miss Universe contestants that he was told to watch his language

Turkey's Erdogan holds meeting with Tanzanian leaders

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is meeting with Tanzania's leaders on the first leg of his tour of Africa during which he is expected to push for the closure or takeover of schools linked to Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen

Iran's hardliners react harshly to Trump…

CNN's Fred Pleitgen travels to the religious city of Qom to hear from Iranians and their perception of the newly elected president of the United States.

Gambia's Messy Transfer Of Power Appears To Be…

After first refusing to leave office, former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh will step down and leave the country.

Questions swirl about Italy response to…

Rescue crews are considering whether to start using heavy equipment to speed up the search for 23 people still buried under the ruins of a central Italy hotel crushed by an avalanche

Greece to rule on Turkish servicemen later this…

Greek Supreme Court says it will announce its ruling Thursday on whether to extradite a group of Turkish servicemen who fled by helicopter after last year's failed coup

Protests against Donald Trump in Mexico

Protests in Mexico continued against the new US President, Donald Trump. CNN's Leyla Santiago has the story.

Are Europe's Security Measures Negatively…

An Amnesty International report says Europe's counterterrorism measures have disproportionately affected certain groups of people.

Jerusalem mayor says Trump 'serious' about…

Jerusalem mayor says Trump administration 'serous' about moving embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

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UK to actively help industry as country leaves EU

Britain's leader is pledging a more interventionist strategy in backing industry ahead of Britain's departure from the European Union

Trump protesters take to the streets in London

Groups of protesters in London took to the streets with concerns of President Donald Trump and to highlight the local issue, Brexit. CNN's Nina dos Santos reports on the story.

Leading French candidate: Europe needs new military alliance

Conservative French presidential hopeful Francois Fillon, worried about the direction of the new U.S. government, wants a new European military alliance to protect the continent and fight Islamic extremism

Rubio faces moment of truth on secretary of state…

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida must decide whether to provoke the new president's wrath by opposing his secretary of state nominee, Rex Tillerson

Women's Marches around the world

From Paris to Antarctica, people across the globe took to the streets following Trump's inauguration.

62 soldiers on trial in Istanbul for alleged part in coup

Dozens of officers and soldiers have gone on trial in Istanbul for their alleged role in the failed military coup in July

US lawmakers call for action on Venezuela food…

Venezuelan officials may face U.S. sanctions for profiting from food shortages that have exacerbated hunger in the South American country

Iranians worry about the nuclear agreement

Iranians worry that President Trump won't uphold the nuclear agreement that Iran reduces its nuclear facilities in exchange for a sanctions' lift.

MH370 search crews return to port after fruitless…

The ship involved in the recently halted hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has returned to port in western Australia for the final time

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As Trump takes office, Israel pushes ahead with settlements

The Jerusalem municipality is pushing forward with 566 new housing units for Jewish settlements in east Jerusalem

London protests against Trump

Thousands of people gathered in London to protest against the United States' new President Donald Trump.

Gambia awaits new leader, but exiled one has…

Gambia awaits new leader and democratic era, but exiled one has right to return, protection